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Family Crest

Family crests can be a meaningful representation of your Denver family, and choosing to create one in stained glass is one of the most beautiful ways to show it.  Hang your stained glass crest in front of a window and you’ll be able to enjoy the colors and textures of your piece as they play with the sunlight coming through as well.

Stained Glass Family Crests Denver

Scottish Stained Glass Family Crest

At Scottish Stained Glass, we build each and every piece custom to ensure that our clients have one of a kind glasswork that will be cherished for many years to come.  This means you’ll be able to create a crest that represents your family perfectly, no matter what you want it to include.  With over 600 colors to choose from, we can help you design exactly what you need.

Our family crests are most commonly hanging pieces, and we tend to use an octagonal shape as a standard size.  However, because our process is so versatile, we can create a crest within a stained glass window as well if you prefer this look.  As you can see from the photos on this page, both our hanging pieces and our window crests are beautiful additions to any family.

If you’re looking for more detail in your crest than our traditional cut glass allows for, we offer a great option.  We work with an expert glass painter to work with our clients looking for something more intricate.  Our clients frequently choose to have a small portion of their crest hand painted, and usually use this as a centerpiece within a cut glass design.

Your family crest can incorporate whatever meaningful design you want for your family.  If cared for properly, a stained glass crest can essentially last forever, meaning that your crest can become an heirloom to be passed through generations.  If your family name has a crest that you’re familiar with, we can design it in glass for you, or we can even help you research your history if needed.

Family Crests with Scottish Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has been in business for over 20 years, and our traditional methods for creating authentic stained glass are time tested.  Because each piece we build is custom, you’ll be paired with an expert designer to help you through the process, and ensure that you truly love the end result of your glasswork.

Give us a call or send an email today to learn more about our process for creating meaningful family crests.  We’ll be in touch with you within 48 business hours to set you up with a free consultation, and get started on creating your family heirloom immediately!

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