Custom Celtic stained glass designs

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, although we work in many different styles, one of our personal favorites is Celtic stained glass. The Celtic style is fluid and interesting to look at, and represents an ancient and profound tradition.

Many of our clients share our enthusiasm for all things Celtic: Celtic inspired jewelry, Celtic history, Celtic music and dance, and especially Celtic stained glass.

Most people are familiar with the Celtic knot. Not one design but many, the designs usually contained some form of infinity loop that represents man’s infinite nature and his relationship with the spiritual world. On first thought, it wouldn’t seem possible that these intricately woven knots could be rendered in stained glass.

And yet, when our clients ask us for Celtic stained glass, it is usually some form of the Celtic knot that they have in mind. And surprisingly enough, they are no harder to create in glass than any other type of design. It’s all in getting the pattern right and having one of our master craftsmen cut the glass into the right shapes.

The Celtic patterns themselves can be extremely simple or extremely intricate. We have done our fair share of both.

Celtic Stained Glass Panels

Click here to see some of the many Celtic stained glass windows we have created for our previous clients in the past twenty years. Striking, aren’t they? You can click on any of the thumbnails to see an enlargement that shows off the detail better.

One of the things we love about Celtic stained glass is that although it is considered a traditional design, it works beautifully in a wide variety of home décor and architecture styles. So although the Celtic knot is rather ancient, it can enhance a modern home. Since it is such a classic art form, you will never have to worry about it going out of style or looking dated.

Celtic stained glass is gorgeous in an entryway, in the sidelights next to the front door, and perhaps in the door as well. It’s lovely in the bathroom, done in frosted and beveled glass for those seeking more privacy. It’s amazing in the kitchen, in fact, this style can work anywhere in your home.

And since we do all of our Celtic stained glass custom to your specifications, we can make it any size or shape, to fit any window or door. We can even make a hanging Celtic stained glass panel if you prefer that type of installation.

If you are looking for the most detailed, most beautiful custom Celtic stained glass, we invite you to contact Scottish Stained Glass today. We’d love to create something unique and fabulous for your home.

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