Custom Celtic stained glass designs.

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, it’s no surprised that we have a special fondness for Celtic art, Celtic culture, and of course, Celtic stained glass designs. Although it’s hard to pin down the art of the Celts to one particular style, because their culture spanned the centuries and covered a large part of Northern Europe, there are certain aspects of that style that are most closely associated with their culture.

The style of the ancient Celts is forever remembered in their designs, the famed Celtic Knots which symbolize the unending nature of life itself and the connection of man to something larger, more infinite. In fact, Celtic Knots are infinity symbols, as they seem to have no starting or ending point. These styles are known for their flowing shapes and intricate patterns, which lend themselves beautifully to stained glass.

Celtic stained glass is one of our specialties here at Scottish, and one of our most requested styles. One of the ways we most like to design it is with the use of beveled glass, combined with clear or frosted/textured glass. The actual beveled edges, when combined in the pattern, form the Celtic symbol.

Click here to take a virtual stroll through our Celtic Stained Glass photo gallery. Remember to click on any of the thumbnail photos to enlarge it so you can see the painstaking detail work that goes into these beautiful windows.


Celtic art, including music, dance, and stained glass has a long and lovely history. Why not add a bit of that history to your home with custom Celtic stained glass designs in your home’s entryway? You can love and appreciate this pretty and elegant style regardless of your ancestry.

By the way, although there are many classic Celtic patterns that we use, we also make each stained glass window to our clients specifications. Each window is customized to YOUR tastes, so if you have a different Celtic-inspired idea, we would be delighted to bring it into fruition.

Celtic stained glass designs work in any room in your home, from basement to back bedroom. Many clients like the Celtic style in their hallway windows, in their bedrooms, even in the kitchen. Where can you imagine custom designed and hand crafted Celtic stained glass in your own home (or office)?

We’d love to send one of our local designers right to your home to help create the perfect Celtic design, one that suits your taste and complements your home. Why not give us a call today to set up a no-cost appointment? We’d love to share our passion for Celtic stained glass with you and show you just how incredible it can look in your home.

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