Custom commercial stained glass designs


When it comes to commercial stained glass, we do custom designs specifically for each client. Our designs can integrate the name of a business, or just be gorgeous to look at. It all depends on the location of the stained glass, the type of business, and its goals.

For instance, the type of commercial stained glass you might see as a bold backdrop behind the bar in an Irish pub is probably very different from the type of stained glass you might see in the window of a posh spa or salon.

Since we’ve been in business, we’ve custom designed, hand crafted, and installed approximately 60,000 stained glass windows! This startling number says that we have the experience to create the kind of gorgeous designs clients love and the expertise to craft them. We’ll also work in any style at all, from Art Nouveau to Celtic to floral to Mission style. We can make a replica of an antique stained glass design, or something in our own modern signature Aspen style.

Click here to take a virtual stroll through our residential and commercial stained glass design galleries, showing off just some of the many styles we are versed in.

When it comes to your business, you know what style, what message, what type of impact you are wanting to make. We create our commercial stained glass in your style, even if it is completely different from anything you’ve seen in our galleries.


We’ve built stained glass windows and doors, skylights and ceilings for hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, salons, offices, and all sorts of other commercial establishments.

Click here to take a look at our commercial stained glass photo gallery, featuring just some of the commercial designs we have created for commercial clients in the past two plus decades.

Our custom design process begins with a visit to your space by one of our talented local design professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a design from among the hundreds we’ve already created, or discuss something different with our designer. He or she will make sketches, and you’ll also choose the types and colors of glass for your new stained glass windows, backdrops, lighting fixtures, or doors.

Once the design is decided upon and the glass chosen, we’ll use our special CAD software program to create an exact scale blueprint for the stained glass window. This gives our builders the template they need to cut the glass to the right sizes and shapes, assemble the piece, and wind up with a perfectly sized commercial stained glass window that will be installed into your premises.

For more information about commercial stained glass, or to set up an initial design consultation, we hope you’ll contact Scottish Stained Glass today.

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