Custom entryway stained glass

One of our most popular commissions here at Scottish Stained Glass are stained glass entryways. It really isn’t surprising, when you consider that many houses in Colorado look just like every other home on the block or in the entire development. Sure, on the inside, it’s all done to the owners’ tastes. But the entryway, well, there’s just not that much you can usually do with it to give it an individual look.

Paint the door red? Add an unusual lighting fixture, and some great shrubbery or roses? But with stained glass entryways, the ordinary entryway of a home goes from . . . well, ordinary, to extraordinary.,/

When we create stained glass entryways for clients, the first thing we do is visit them at their homes and see what their entryway looks like. The client must decide exactly where he or she wants the custom stained glass. Is there one sidelight next to the front door, or is there one on either side? And is there a transom window as well? Adding stained glass to all three windows creates an elegant and sophisticated entryway that will wow not only guests to your home, but will wow you every time you come home. And every time you see the sunlight shining through your stained glass on the inside of your home, whether your front door opens into a vestibule or foyer, a hallway, or right into the home’s living room.


There is one more option for stained glass entryways. It’s perfect if the homeowner would love to get more light into the home in that area. We can make one or more stained glass panels that are inserted right into the front door itself. (This option might require the purchase of a new front door.) The difference in the amount of light, and in the wow factor of the entryway with stained glass in the front door is considerable.

But don’t just take our word for it. Why not take a look at our stained glass entryway photo gallery, and notice how much more light is allowed to enter the house through the glass panels in the front doors?

Wherever you decide to add stained glass, you’ll have some interesting decisions to make. Are you looking for more privacy? Do you like a specific style, such as a Celtic Knot or a floral design, or perhaps a replica of an antique stained glass window? You will work together with one of our designers to choose your favorite style, design, and colors of glass—although many of our stained glass entryways are done with colorless leaded and beveled glass, which catches the light in extraordinary ways.

For more information about stained glass entryways or to set an appointment with one of our design professionals, why not contact us today?

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