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Here at Scottish Stained Glass we get a large amount of requests for our contemporary leaded stained glass designs. They are the perfect type of stained glass to add to any room in a home, from the entryway to the back bedroom, from the basement to that round attic window that gives the front of your house so much character.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, leaded stained glass refers to a design made with clear or frosted glass as opposed to the type of colored glass most people think of when they hear of stained glass.

With leaded stained glass, you can add in beveled glass for more texture, more interest, and to have the play of the natural light refracting through the beveled edges and creating lovely prisms of rainbow colors. With leaded stained glass, you can also have just about any type of style you like, from antique to Celtic to our own contemporary Aspen signature collection styles. That is because we design each and every window or door custom to our clients tastes and specifications.

Click here to see some of our signature leaded and beveled stained glass designs that we have created for other customers during our two decades in the custom leaded stained glass business.


A leaded stained glass window can have an elaborate or intricately detailed design, or it can be simple and powerful. It’s all up to you. After all, it is your home that these windows are being installed in. Here at Scottish, we aim to please, including you in the design process to ensure the windows that perfectly suit you, windows that you will never tire of.

Leaded stained glass windows are also the perfect choice anywhere that you have glass and would like a bit more privacy, but you really do not want to block the light from flowing in. With leaded stained glass, our frosted colorless glass does the trick, blocking your rooms from prying outside eyes yet not blocking the sunlight.

Leaded stained glass is the perfect choice for a home’s entryway, bathroom, hallway, even those small well windows in a basement where you want to block a not so great view.

Click here to see our entryway stained glass photo gallery for some examples of the type of leaded stained glass we have been discussing. You can simply click on any of the thumbnails to see an enlargement and admire the detailed workmanship and lovely designs.

For more information about leaded stained glass or an in home appointment with one of our local Denver designers, please contact Scottish Stained Glass today.

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