Custom Scottish Stained Glass vs. the Mass Produced Stuff – There’s Just No Comparison!

Scottish Stained Glass Custom Made ColoradoWhen you hear the term, “custom made” don’t you immediately imagine a high quality product, made with the utmost care to your particular specifications? That is exactly what makes our stained glass windows different than much of the stained glass out there today. Once upon a time all stained glass was custom made, as there simply was no technology to mass produce anything. It was considered a fine art just as much as a painting or sculpture.

When you hear the word “art” you certainly don’t think of something that’s been mass produced. But much of today’s stained glass is mass produced, which greatly detracts from its uniqueness and value.

How Scottish Stained Glass is Different

Our founder Martin Faith comes from Scotland’s long tradition of stained glass artists. Although Scottish Stained Glass is a business, it is in the business of making art that is both beautiful and practical. For this reason, we use only the highest quality materials, each of our clients works individually with one of our designers, and every single piece of stained glass we make is still hand crafted by a highly trained artisan. Our designers and builders work together as a team, to ensure the design you decided upon is created exactly as you wanted it, and is as beautiful as you imagined it.

All of our glass is sourced from the best, top of the line product available worldwide. Because we order the finest glass we can find to suit each project, sometimes our work takes longer to complete than that of our competitors. However, we doubt our clients would want us to compromise on quality for their homes. Did you know that our selection of glass includes over 600 colors you can choose from? And if you don’t want any color at all, we also offer a wide variety of textures and degrees of transparency. In this way, we can create exactly what you are looking for.

Adding value and beauty to your home with some Scottish Stained Glass windows or doors is the perfect, inspiring antidote to this mass produced era we live in, where every home on the block looks the same and every mall has the same shops carrying the same goods and the same styles.

Our company has manufactured over 40,000 leaded and colored windows, and our artisans are the best ever assembled by any studio.

Give your home, office or retail space the individual beauty of fine art, custom made exactly for you and your tastes, with Scottish Stained Glass. To date, we have designed, built and installed over 40,000 leaded and colored windows, and can proudly say that we believe our specially trained and highly experienced stained glass artists are the finest in the nation. Why not contact us today for a free, in-home consultation with one of our stained glass pros? We look forward to collaborating with you.


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