Custom stained glass entryways

Out of all the difference stained glass windows we do, for living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, even kitchens and basements – stained glass entryways are one of our most popular commissions.

With stained glass entryways, homeowners can completely change the whole look and feel of the exterior of their homes.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to add stained glass to your home’s entryway:

1. Many developments have homes that look the same, including the entryways. With stained glass entryways, homeowners have the opportunity to add individuality and uniqueness in a truly high-end, eye-catching way.

2. Stained glass entryways add value to a home, and the uniqueness factor can be a great selling point if your home ever goes on the market. No prospective buyer will forget your home’s beautiful entryway among the blur of houses they look at.

3. Stained glass entryways can add much desired privacy to the entryway of your home. Entryway stained glass is usually added to the sidelight/s on one or both sides of the front door. To the transom window (if any) above the front door. And sometimes, for a really polished and elegant appearance, a matching stained glass panel is inserted into the front door itself.


4. Stained glass entryways can let more light into what is frequently a dark corner of a home. If you’ve been covering over your sidelights for privacy, by taking down the coverings and adding leaded colorless stained glass, you will have both more privacy and more light entering the area. And if you add the door panel, you will have even more light.

Click here to see our photo gallery containing just some of the numerous stained glass entryways we have custom designed, hand-built, and installed for previous clients. Notice how much light having one or more stained glass panels in the front door adds to the entryway.

Custom stained glass entryways are just that: custom designed to your tastes. We take into consideration your personal style and your home’s style and architecture in our initial design consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to see many photos and samples, before you choose the style you want, the pattern or design you want, the types of glass or colors you want. Most of our clients choose colorless stained glass for an entryway, since they do not want their homes mistaken for a church. But pops of color mixed with frosted or textured colorless glass can also look fantastic. The choices are always yours; we are there to assist, advise, and ensure the technical specifications are taken care of.

For more information about stained glass entryways, or to schedule your appointment with one of our local design professionals, please contact us today.

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