Custom stained glass for odd shaped windows.

When someone thinks of stained glass, different things come to mind for different people. This is one of the reasons that we custom build every single one of our stained glass windows. Each one of our customers has different design ideas. And many of our customers have odd shaped windows. Or odd sized windows. Or windows in odd locations.

Many Denver area homes are older, and have small round windows, or diamond shaped windows, or even hexagonal shaped windows. All of these odd shaped windows can be made more elegant and more beautiful with the addition of stained glass.

If you think all stained glass panels have to be square or rectangular, that’s not true at all. If you go to purchase a stained glass panel from a big-box store, likely you’ll be getting something that’s mass produced.

It’s highly unlikely that you would ever find something that could fit your odd shaped window. When we come to your home for a consultation, we will measure the window exactly, capturing its shape and its dimensions. From there on out, building a stained glass panel is no different than for any other window.


We will make the pattern or blueprint using CAD technology, then pass it along to one of our highly trained artisans. This artisan will cut each piece of glass by hand, following the perfect computer blueprint, and assemble them all by hand as well. This will ensure the perfect fit for your odd shaped window. Our installers are specially trained as well, and have specific methods they use to insert the stained glass panel and bond it to the existing glass, ensuring the new stained glass is protected from the outside elements.

Adding stained glass to any window turns it into a piece of art. A conversation piece. Sometimes even a family heirloom. You might be thinking, but no one else has such an odd shaped window, so there’s no one I could leave it to. That’s just not so. Our stained glass panels can be removed from your window and taken anywhere, hung as a hanging panel in front of any other window on chains.

So no matter what size or shape your windows are, no matter how unusual or odd, if you would like them to have stained glass, we hope you’ll give us a call today. Scottish Stained Glass is Denver’s leading stained glass studio, with over two decades of experience in leaded glass windows, including odd shaped windows.

For some stained glass inspiration, please take a stroll through all of our photo galleries. And then contact us to set up a free, in-home consultation.

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