Custom Stained Glass Process in Denver

Scottish Stained Glass is the top stained glass provider in the United States, and we take the time to make sure each piece we deliver is the best quality product.  Every piece we build is completely custom based on the wide array of wants and needs from our clients.

At Scottish Stained Glass Denver, your glass project begins with an in home consultation.  At this point, our designer will have access to countless photos of our previous work to give you a better idea of the possibilities for your home or business.  Your designer will take the time to observe the many facets of your home, so they can better help you come to a decision on your purchase.  We will begin working with you to decide what style of stained or leaded glass you want in your home, and the many options of where you can install it throughout your house.  Our designers are all extremely experienced in creating the perfect piece of glass work, and making our clients happy each time.

Custom Stained Glass Sketch

After our designers have gotten a good idea of what you’re looking for, they will begin to create sketches and custom proposals for your particular project.  Thanks to modern technology, we can use CAD programs to design your stained glass so that you can see exactly what it will look like before we even begin physical production.  This ensures not only that you receive a quality product, but also that you get exactly the piece you’ve been hoping for.

Our glass windows are custom built by our expert builders here in Denver.  You can count on us to build the window you were expecting after working with our designers.  Since we work with only the best quality stained glass products, sometimes this process takes longer than other stained glass providers.  When you’re making an investment to both improve the aesthetics of your home, and add a work of art to it, you want to make sure that you have the best product possible, so our stained glass is well worth the wait.

Accommodating Your Stained Glass Needs

Transom Stained Glass DenverAnother great reason to get a custom stained glass piece from Scottish Stained Glass is that we can accommodate all your needs, no matter the shape and size.  We can fit most of our windows into your existing frames, and since each piece is built upon order, we can create a window of any size, and even obscure shapes.

The options for stained glass in your home are endless.  We can brighten your entryways with stained glass doors and sidelights, add privacy and beauty to your bathroom with a leaded and textured window, or even add a stylish, unique flair to your kitchen by adding stained glass cabinet doors.  Whatever your hopes are for stained glass in your home, Scottish Stained Glass can meet and exceed them.

Feel free to contact us today with any questions about ordering and installing stained glass for your Denver home or business.   We can’t wait to start working on your personal stained glass projects that match your needs completely.


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