Custom stained glass sidelights

Stained glass sidelights have always been one of the most popular residential stained glass applications in our twenty years in business. After all, everyone has a front door to their home, an entryway that they want to make a great first impression. And many homes have sidelights, those narrow non-functional windows on either side of the door.

We have seen a lot of people cover those sidelights with fabric or even with paper taped over them. We assume this is for privacy purposes, so people cannot see inside the home. But we think you’d admit, it looks unwelcoming and unattractive. Imagine stained glass sidelights instead, created with a combination of frosted or textured glass. This will do something for your entryway that no cloth or paper can do: it will add value to the home. It will make the entryway look gorgeous, high-end, and unique. And it will still let the light flow into the home’s entryway, which can sometimes be quite a dark area.

All of our stained glass sidelights are custom designed especially to meet your tastes and complement the look of your home’s architecture and style. This means that whether you like antiques styles, modern minimal styles, ornate styles, simple styles, you can have the stained glass sidelights you want.

To see some of the many stained glass sidelights we have already created for our clients across the country, why not take a stroll through our stained glass galleries?


Click here to see our stained glass sidelight photo gallery.

And to see those sidelights in action, in the entryway, click here.

If you looked through the galleries, you might have noticed that almost all the stained glass sidelights were done with a special kind of glass, frosted and textured, with beveled glass mixed in to give even more interest, beauty, and light. This type of stained glass, known as leaded stained glass, is perfect for an entryway because it lets in a significant amount of sunlight while still adding the privacy homeowners are seeking.

You have to admit, our stained glass sidelights would be a whole lot nicer in your home than those pieces of paper currently blocking your sidelights.

Of course, not all clients are concerned with privacy, and not all want frosted glass. Since we do work custom, we can use any type of glass you like, from clear to vividly colored and any combination thereof.

For more information about our stained glass sidelights, why not give us a call today? We can set up an in-home appointment for you with one of our stained glass designers. Together, you can choose the perfect design and style for your home’s entryway.

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