Design Your Own Stained Glass Masterpiece with the help of Scottish Stained Glass

Stained Glass Masterpiece

Choosing a masterpiece of art to be the perfect accent to your home can be a daunting task. Do you go with an oil painting or would perhaps a graphic wall pattern would be the better option? Should you focus on a fashionable accent color or play it safe with neutrals? The endless media types and stylistic decisions can instigate a moment of hesitation with even the most seasoned home designers, so what is a homeowner to do? A stained glass masterpiece can be a great idea.

The concept of artistic home décor is most often associated with vertical wall applications, leaving a returning trend in home accents often overlooked: stained glass windows. Most every home features a neutral wall paint and hanging pictures and most windows are only clear panes of glass or add a touch of detail with a standard white mullion grid. Stained glass windows are perhaps the most versatile option with the many features they provide. It is an art piece that can be enjoyed privately inside while simultaneously being an accent piece to the front of your home for all your neighbors to view and perhaps even envy. A stained glass masterpiece can range in privacy levels from completely clear to a solid opaque with endless texture options in-between to provide the exact level of discretion the home owner desires. Then there are of course colors- the dozens of exquisite colors that provide soft colored light to any room in the house. All those options and we have only begun discussing glass choices when there are also lead colors, framing, and design styles.

In our free in-home consultations, your Scottish Stained Glass designer will be your guide through all of these options with their seasoned knowledge of window composition, complementary styles, proportions, and color combinations to create the perfect stained glass masterpiece for your home. Homeowners can be as involved in the design process as much or as little as they like. Your Scottish Stained Glass Designer can assess your home’s unique style and surprise you with a stained glass window design that pulls the entire room together. With a few simple questions to align them to the right direction, you will be amazed how quickly a Scottish Stained Glass Designer can draw a design for you to fall in love with.

Be the Designer for Your Own Stained Glass Masterpiece

Alternately there is a unique opportunity for homeowners that have a precise vision of their stained glass masterpiece. Perhaps you have always considered signing up for a stained glass window workshop to bring those dreams to life. Well what makes Scottish Stained Glass exceptional in their craft is the level of precision they bring to glass cutting. It takes many years of practice to be able to cut and assemble a stained glass window design perfectly, but with the required 5 years of training all our stained glass artisans must go through, we can promise that the design chosen in the free in-home consultation will be the exact design delivered to your home. So no need to bother with the cuts and scrapes that inevitably comes along with being a stained glass beginner builder. Why don’t you let Scottish Stained Glass handle the building that they are masters of their craft at? You really can design your own masterpiece and have Scottish Stained Glass build your one of a kind vision.

Stained Glass Masterpiece

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