Exploring the Stained Glass Ceiling in the Fort Collins Northern Hotel

stained glass fort collins hotel

The Northern Hotel in Fort Collins has been the attraction of tourists visiting the upper region of Colorado for years. Famous actors and celebrities such as John Wayne and Franklin D Roosevelt have frequented its grounds since its original opening in 1873. But the hotel is known for more than just its impressive guest list. Beautiful stained glass panels, including a large in the ceiling of the Fort Collins hotel are the highlights of this incredible piece of historic architecture.

The Stained Glass Dome

The stained glass dome that belongs to the ceiling was originally was part of the Northern Hotel’s ballroom. But in later years the building underwent extensive reconstruction and the dome was then incorporated into the layout of the hotel lobby. Now, it serves as a skylight for the downstairs unit which has been occupied by various restaurants and tenants throughout the years, including Starbucks.

staind glass northern hotel fort collins

photo credit: after55.com

More of the Ceiling

The upper three stories of the hotel have become senior housing units. This is where the rest of the beautiful stained glass ceiling can be seen. The design of the stained glass is that of the art deco style and was part of the renovations that occurred in the year 1936. Art deco was the predominant style of architecture at this time, though the trend has seen a revival in recent years.

Additional Interests

Aside from the stained glass and the charming residents that inhabit the upper floors, rumor has it that there’s another intrigue in visiting this 144 year old building. There have been reports of ghost sightings in the halls and dining area of the hotel. Specifically, visitors claim to have seen two woman always in the company of another appearing as ghostly apparitions.

Learn More About Stained Glass in Fort Collins

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