From Switzerland to Paris: Stained Glass Masterpieces from Around the World

Stained glass has been an important part of our history throughout the world. There are some stunning masterpieces that people actually travel to go see in person– these works of art are so impressive and can definitely become the main attraction. Many of these amazing stained glass pieces are featured within various houses of worship. Churches and homes in the United States can take inspiration from these unique stained glass windows.

Notable Stained Glass Masterpieces Featured Around the World

The renowned Paris church, Sainte-Chapelle, has 15 gorgeous stained glass windows that are almost 50 feet tall. These original stained glass windows are highly intricate and colorful featuring stunning biblical scenes with jewel tones. These breathtaking stained glass features surround the viewer and can be a lot to take in due to their size and nature. The main sanctuary actually has a highly unique kaleidoscope feature with stained glass incorporated throughout. Another notable stained glass feature is housed within the Grossmunster Protestant church. These stained glass features were actually added in more recent centuries by pop art icon Sigmar Polke. Unlike other religious stained glass, these stained glass windows don’t showcase biblical scenes or figures. The stained glass found in the Grossmunster are abstract pieces of art unique to this property.

Finding Inspiration from Notable Stained Glass Masterpieces for Your Church, Home, or Business

These notable stained glass pieces can fuel some major inspiration for your next custom stained glass piece! We’re able to replicate any style or design or even simply draw inspiration from something in order to create the perfect investment piece for your San Antonio church, home, or business. If there’s any stained glass piece that completely captures your attention, simply contact us and we can help make it happen!

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