Hanging stained glass for any room in your home.

To many people, stained glass would look good in almost any window of their homes. In fact, many of our clients actually wish they had stained glass in many more windows in their homes. If you are only commissioning one piece of art, one stained glass panel, and you know you are the type of person who likes to mix it up all the time with your décor, artwork, and furnishings, here is an unusual suggestion: hanging stained glass.

If you prefer a less permanent solution for your stained glass, if you think you might be moving any time soon, or if you just want a completely different look, hanging stained glass is the perfect solution. What is it, exactly? It is a stained glass panel that hangs in your window frame, providing the gorgeous appeal of stained glass, the free flow of sunlight through your window, and the ability to move it to another window or another home at will.

Hanging stained glass is popular for other reasons as well. For example, here at Scottish Stained Glass, we have a large collection of antique windows imported from the Glasgow area of Scotland. These antiques have been lovingly restored to their original beauty, and have become collector’s items among stained glass and antique aficionados. However, it is highly unlikely that any of these stunning pieces would be a good fit to be installed into one of your existing windows. The chances that the dimensions would be exact are next to none. But that doesn’t have to stop you at all. If you would like one of these antique stained glass windows, made by master craftsmen in a bygone era, we can install it in your window as a hanging piece.

And the same can be done with any new stained glass as well.


To see the Scottish Antique Collection, click here. Some of the pieces have already been sold, but many are still available for purchase. Now here’s where it gets interesting. If you love the idea of hanging one of these beauties in a window, whether a living room window, a bedroom or dining room window, a picture or bay window – we have replicas available.

So you can have that fabulous antique stained glass look in your home. Or, we can create a custom piece of hanging stained glass in any size, shape, style, and design of your choice. This method of installation is different, and is catching on in popularity.

By the way, we also do hanging stained glass panels for your yard or patio, or to hang on your deck.

Would you like to find out more about hanging stained glass versus traditionally installed, permanent stained glass windows and doors? Please contact Scottish Stained Glass today for an appointment with one of our expert design staff. We look forward to earning your business, and making your home extraordinary.

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