July’s Beautiful Entryway Stained Glass

5. Beveled & Leaded Glass Transom, Doors, and Sidelights

The classic entryway system used textured glass and a number of round bevels to create a diamond pattern that provides both privacy and elegance for the home’s grand entryway.

4. Arched Leaded Sidelight Privacy

The curved glass sidelight on this door presents an issue for those who might try to cover it with blinds or drapes. This is the perfect solution for those homeowners who want to provide privacy with retaining the aesthetic of the beautiful arch.

3. Elegant Grand Entryway

This grand entryway system for a large home utilizes both clear and beveled glass with varying textures to match the home’s contemporary interior design. The photo clearly demonstrates how a degree of privacy can be achieved without sacrificing the space’s natural light.  On a side note can you image how long it took to get those dogs to pose like that ;).

2. Arched Stained Glass Leaf Sidelight

This one of a kind design was a collaboration between Scottish Stained Glass and the client as they looked for unique elements to compliment their custom built home. The multicolored leaf design connects the home’s interior to the outdoors with a simple aesthetic allusion.

1. Tree of Life Entryway Glass

One of the most interesting entryway’s we’ve ever completed this design is inspired by the Greene and Greene Tree of Life installed in California’s Gamble house almost 100 years ago. This riff on that designs draws the viewers eye across the entire entryway with the single multicolored element.

If you’d like to see more of our work, see our stained glass entryways page.

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