Kitchen Stained Glass will Liven up Windows and Cabinets

Kitchen Stained Glass Windows by Scottish


Is your kitchen your favorite room in the house? Is it warm and cheery, beckoning guests, family and party goers to wander in and never leave? Or do you desperately wish you could update it, buy new granite counters, the most modern appliances, or even completely replace your old wood kitchen cabinets, the ones that have been stripped, finished, refinished, painted, stenciled – but still don’t give you the high end look you want?

Stained glass kitchen cabinets from Scottish Stained Glass are a fantastic way to completely upgrade the look of your kitchen, without replacing the cabinets entirely. While most people thing windows when they think stained glass, we actually design and install it into kitchen cabinet doors on a regular basis.

Take a look at some of the stained glass kitchen cabinet doors we’ve done. And then imagine any of them in your kitchen! And then grab a napkin and wipe away that drool…Floral Stained Glass Cabinet Doors

Why not call Scottish Stained Glass for an estimate today? We think you’ll be surprised at the stunning, high quality kitchen stained glass you can have for an affordable price. And if antiques are your thing, we have an amazing selection of antique stained glass windows imported from Scotland. One of them might be just the perfect touch to hang in a kitchen window – or anywhere else.

Great for Kitchen Renovations

Of course, if you are renovating the kitchen and adding new cabinets, we can work with your contractor to ensure the perfect match of colors and style. But we can also usually remove your existing cabinet doors and insert the stained glass, or build new doors that might work better for what you have in mind.

As far as kitchen renovations go, this one gives you a lot of visual bang for your buck. It will definitely make the kitchen the focal point of your home, if it wasn’t already. And no guest or potential buyer will ever forget your beautiful, eye-catching, mouth watering stained glass cabinet doors. Along with beauty, stained glass adds real value to your home.

Clear or colored, etched or beveled, Celtic or floral, Deco or Art Nouveau, Prairie Style, or Greene and Greene, your imagination is the only limit for our custom stained glass pieces. Imagine a design that “travels” across your cabinets, like a mural in glass! And if you have beautiful china or antique crystal, we can design the cabinet doors to show them off.

And if you want to take this a bit further, how about stained glass for your curio cabinet, your wine cellar door, dull pantry door, your plain sliding glass patio door, or that window above the kitchen sink, you know, the one you can never reach to open, if it opens at all. That is the perfect place for some glowing glass art to tie in those cabinets.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass to make an in-home appointment with one of our designers. Let us show you our designs – or you show us yours. We guarantee, your kitchen will never be the same!

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