Leaded Glass Kitchen Cabinets for Your Salt Lake City Home

Did you know that Salt Lake City is projected to be one of the U.S.’s top ten housing markets for 2018? According to Realtor.com, Salt Lake City comes in as the top sixth largest real estate market this year. That means it’s a great time for Salt Lake City homeowners to invest in some home remodeling and really take advantage of this market trend! A wonderful way to make your home stand out is installing leaded glass in your kitchen cabinets!

Why Leaded Glass Kitchen Cabinets?

Leaded glass is often described as clear designed stained glass. With leaded glass kitchen cabinets, Salt Lake City homeowners can create an entirely whole new look to their kitchens without the high costs of a kitchen renovation project. Leaded stained glass cabinets can really transform any Salt Lake City homeowner’s kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece, while putting beautiful kitchenware on display like individual pieces of art. Leaded glass also goes great with an open kitchen concept, making any Salt Lake City kitchen feel more transparent and airy.

Custom Leaded Glass Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Our team of local, highly-experienced glass artisans can help you design the leaded glass kitchen cabinets of your dreams! With over 15,000 designs in our computer base, a multitude of textures, frosts, and line-work to choose from, the sky is really the limit. Each piece of leaded stained glass is custom built for your kitchen cabinets, making the installation process simple and easy. Our unbeatable customer service combined with 25 years of experience ensures that every Salt Lake City homeowner gets exactly what they want in our product. We promise that you’ll love leaded glass kitchen cabinets so much, you’ll want to take them with you to whatever home you live in next!

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation on how leaded glass kitchen cabinets are the perfect solution for a low-budget contemporary kitchen renovation: (801) 895-4383

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