Leaded glass windows for your Denver home.

When we talk to people about stained glass windows, they always know exactly what we are talking about. But sometimes, when we mention leaded glass windows, they get a slightly confused look on their face.
“Is that glass made with lead?” they’ll ask us. It’s a reasonable question. So we’ve decided to set the record straight about leaded glass windows.

Leaded glass and stained glass are basically the same thing, except for the type and color of the stained glass window panels. They are both panels composed of small pieces of cut glass connected by lead strips, called “caming.” But this is not the lead that leaded glass refers to.


The way we are using these terms, regular stained glass windows are made up of the familiar colored glass you might see in the European cathedrals of old. And leaded glass windows are usually clear, colorless, textured types of glass. That special glass is made with some leaden materials to replace the usual calcium content. But when we say leaded glass windows, we are more specifically referring to stained glass without . . . color!

Click here to see some examples of leaded glass windows we have designed and built for previous clients.

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Now, why might you want leaded glass windows instead of the usual stained glass windows in your home? There are several reasons:

1. With leaded glass, the lack of color ensures your windows will match any color scheme, today and in the event that you redecorate.

2. The lack of color provides a window that while stunning, will add to and complement a room, not take it over entirely the way vivid church-like colored stained glass might.

3. If you want more privacy, but wish to still let in as much light as possible, the frosted or textured glass used in most leaded glass windows will do that for you.

4. Leaded glass windows have a classic look that will match with a wide variety or architecture and décor styles, and they can be custom designed in any style you like, to fit your tastes.

5. They can (and usually are) combined with beveled glass, which refracts the light in pleasing ways.

Have we sold you on leaded glass windows? They let in light and add elegance and beauty. If you would like to explore the world of leaded glass even further, there’s no better way to do it than to schedule an in-home appointment with one of our designers. You’ll see photos, samples, sketches, and get all the ideas and inspiration you need to choose the perfect leaded glass windows for any room in your home. So please contact us today!

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