Our Custom Stained Glass Process

One of the best aspects of investing in Scottish Stained Glass is that each piece we build is custom.  This allows us to help our clients design pieces that fit their personal style perfectly, and flow with the look of their home.  You won’t have to settle for a piece from a premade stock with us.

With over 20 years of experience making beautiful stained glass windows, you’ll feel comfortable working with our talented team for your window, no matter what you want for your home.  Our time tested process has proved excellent for making fantastic glasswork, and clients that rave about our work.

Custom Stained Glass with Scottish

When you choose to invest in stained glass for your home, the benefits are lasting.  In fact, if properly cared for, our pieces can essentially last forever.  Whether you choose our windows for added style, a family heirloom, or privacy for your home, we’ll work hard to ensure that you love the way your glasswork turns out.

Stained Glass Transom Arch Denver

The path to getting your perfect stained glass begins with a free consultation with one of our designers.  If you live in one of our main states of operation, your designer will come to your home to discuss the options you have for a new window.  On the other hand, if you are in another state, our designers will work with you through phone and email to come up with a design that you love, help you find a contractor, and ship your piece to you.

Once you’ve made a final decision on a design for your piece, we can begin production.  We use traditional methods, and our expert builders will cut and build your glass by hand.  By piecing together the glass with lead lines, you’ll be receiving authentic stained glass.  Films that replicate the look of stained glass and plastic knock-offs can’t compare to the beauty of an authentic, hand built piece of glass artwork.

The next step is the one our clients love the most; installation.  You’ll finally get to enjoy your beautiful piece in your home.  Our installations are typically a simple process of bonding the stained glass to the inside of an existing window, protecting it from any weather elements on the outside.  We do offer other options if an alternative is needed for your home.

Scottish Stained Glass

To learn more about getting custom stained glass for your home, or about our process, give us a call today.  With over 600 colors, dozens of bevels and many textures to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect custom glasswork for your home regardless of what your personal tastes are.  We can’t wait to get started on making your stained glass window!


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