Privacy Stained Glass Windows

At Scottish Stained Glass, we pride ourselves in creating the most beautiful stained glass available to homeowners in Colorado, and throughout the country. Our studio is the only one of its kind in the country, making us the best choice for custom windows with an artistic flare.

However, while we have the ability to create the most extravagant windows, extravagance isn’t always what a homeowner needs. One of the reasons our products have become well used and loved is because it is versatile enough to be used in any home practically as well. Privacy stained glass windows are one of our most popular choices, and it’s no wonder than homeowners across the country are looking to combine form and function.

 Choosing Your Privacy Stained Glass Windows

Have sidelights that allow visitors to see directly into your home? What about a bathroom window offering great natural light, but a clear view into the space? These are some of our most common concerns, and we have the ability to alleviate these worries in a stunning, unique way.

The term “stained glass” often conjures up images of ornate, colorful, church windows, but today the options are far more vast.  For privacy, you can choose between several colorless, textured glass types that will block vision. These vary from only slightly obscured, all the way to nearly completely obscured vision from the opacity and texture of the glass.

For your privacy stained glass window you can use colors, or simply a combination of our textured glasses to create the perfect balance.  Blinds and curtains can block out natural light in your home, but choosing stained glass instead will allow you to keep sunlight in, while keeping peeking eyes out.  Since each window we build is custom, you can also choose the perfect leaded design to reflect your personal tastes and styles, and to match your home.

Privacy Stained Glass Windows with Scottish

If you want to learn more about the options for adding privacy to your without compromising light or style, give us a call or send an email today.  We will set you up with one of our experts to go over your options, and get started on your custom privacy window immediately!

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