Religious Stained Glass for Churches and Temples

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Churches and temples are important sacred places for religious members and groups for many reasons. They are places where people can gather to worship, receive religious guidance, and deepen their faith. In addition to this, they are also home to some of the most beautiful art and glass work in the world. The religious stained glass that can be found in places of worship is not only known for its stunning and colorful appearance, but also the ability to portray religious values and tell a story of faith.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we enjoy working with religious members from a wide variety of denominations to create religious stained glass pieces that are unique and timeless. In the past, we have completed many projects that involved the design and installation of stained glass windows, entryways, transoms, and more for churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. Our most recent project involved manufacturing the stained glass windows for the Fort Collins Colorado LDS Temple.

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Our Most Recent Religious Stained Glass Project

We were honored to be chosen as the preferred stain glass company for the temple in Fort Collins. From the very start, we were determined to create religious stained glass windows that were absolutely flawless and could stand the test of 1,000 years time. The project took approximately two years to complete, during which time we worked closely with members of the LDS Church, construction company, and other general contractors.

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In the end, we were able to create over 50,000 pieces of individual glass, including 400 stained glass pieces. The design process took about 6 months and the next 18 months were spent on manufacturing and installing the glass. During this time, we encountered many challenges but were over to overcome them by working as a team with our partners on the project. We were able to accomplish such tasks as creating a new, customized color of glass, constructing colored glass bevels, and fitting stained glass pieces into customized frames that were being built simultaneously.

ft collins temple stained glass transom

In addition to a custom design, the stained glass windows for the Fort Collins Colorado LDS Church were constructed for optimal durability and energy efficiency. To achieve this effect, we used Low-E safety glass on the outside of the window. The windows were also created to provide a high level of privacy while still allowing for adequate sunlight to enter the room. In the end, we were able to pass the many rounds of inspection conducted by the Church without a single flaw being identified in our glass work.

Timeless Religious Stained Glass Designs

Churches, temples, and other religious sites are incredibly important to the members who choose to worship there. Now you can allow for the physical appearance of your building to reflect your religious values and beliefs by opting for a gorgeous religious stained glass design. Contact us today to receive an estimate.

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