Scottish Stained Glass can ship your custom designed stained glass to you.

There are many people who are fans of stained glass all around the country. Stained glass is an art form that brings warmth, beauty, and elegance to a home. And those people who are fans of stained glass can usually appreciate the difference between the prefab kind that you buy in a big box store or online, and the kind that is custom made for their windows.

The problem comes when stained glass aficionados live in areas that don’t have custom stained glass shops nearby. Not every city has talented and experienced stained glass artisans, and you might live way outside of any city. Is that your situation?

Have you put off buying stained glass windows because you don’t like the ordinary mass produced stuff, but can’t figure out how to get your hands on the gorgeous custom stuff? If so, we say, don’t let that stop you. Stained glass for any city and any person who wants it – that’s our motto!

If you read this blog, perhaps you’ve gotten the impression that Scottish Stained Glass only serves the Denver, Colorado area. After all, we talk a lot about our free, in-home consultations. But we believe in stained glass for any city.


But the fact is, Scottish Stained Glass wants to share their love of stained glass with everyone. We have gotten inquiries about our stained glass from all around the country, and we have developed nearly fool proof systems to provide our clients wherever they live. That is why we can ship your custom designed stained glass to any location you choose; yes, stained glass for any city and any location in the United States. (And we wouldn’t rule out Canada either.)

We will work with you remotely, over the phone and through email. You’ll still be able to work with one of our designers to choose the stained glass pattern you most want. You’ll still be able to peruse all the different colors and textures of glass we have available. You’ll still be able to get a computer rendering of how your finished stained glass windows will look.

But what about the installation, you might be wondering. Isn’t that a big deal? Is Scottish going to send one of their highly trained installers to my home, a thousand miles away?

We have systems and solutions in place for that as well. We will find a contractor in your city and give them thorough instructions as to how to install your stained glass windows. Although we have developed our own installation methods and products, it is simply not rocket science. We have yet to have an issue with installation.

So don’t delay your dream of custom stained glass windows, entryway, kitchen cabinets, or wherever you would like stained glass in your home or office. There is no reason to delay, no matter how far from a major city you live. We ship custom stained glass to any city. Any town. Any village.

Why not contact us today and we can tell you more about how this process works!

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