Stained glass can pay tribute to someone special.

Do you know someone in your life who really stands out? Maybe it’s even someone in your family who has done some amazing things in their lifetime. Or someone you work with or work for. One way to honor someone special is with a custom stained glass piece to pay tribute to them and their achievements. Imagine working with a designer to custom design a tribute stained glass piece.

We aren’t really talking about a window or a door panel here, but something smaller that would be hung anywhere in a home or office. Tribute stained glass can celebrate any outstanding achievement, a military achievement, a sports achievement, a business or humanitarian achievement.

When you work with a Scottish Stained Glass designer, he or she will help you create a design that will have some meaning for the person it is intended for. It could include a name or a date, honestly, because all our stained glass is custom designed, it could include just about anything. A motto? A logo?

If you know someone who is being honored for an achievement, and you aren’t sure what kind of gift is appropriate, consider tribute stained glass. It’s unique, it’s thoughtful, it’s meaningful, and it’s a beautifully crafted piece of art that will be guaranteed to be admired and greatly appreciated.


Your tribute stained glass panel can be made in the form of a wall hanging or a suncatcher. It can be a window too, if you feel the person will have an appropriate place to install it. Tribute stained glass is perfect for military service organizations, Lion’s and Rotary type clubs, and many other types of businesses and organizations.

You will work with us to design the pattern, choose the colors, see your vision come to life. If you need to pay tribute to someone, don’t just get them the usual type of gifts. Do something special that will always be remembered, that might even become a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we have over two decades of experience in all types of stained glass projects, including family crests. We believe our workmanship is second to none, a perfect choice to handle your tribute stained glass with the honor and respect it deserves.

Please contact us today to make an appointment with one of our designers for tribute stained glass. We would love to earn your business.

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