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Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we have to admit that commissions for religious stained glass are some of our favorites. We love the vivid colors, the frequently intricate designs, the chance to tell a story with our work, and to uplift those who see it in a church, chapel, or temple.

We can do stained glass for any religion or denomination. We always work together with whoever is in charge of the project to come up with the most beautiful, most inspiring, and most relevant designs.

Some of our more traditional church clients want religious stained glass that rivals the works in the great cathedrals of Europe. They want the full on religious stained glass experience, with scenes from the Old or New Testament, images of saints or icons, and other wonderful religious symbology. We sit down with our clients and look at photo references and create sketches, until our client approves a final design. Then, we take that design back to our studio and get started.

Other religious clients want something a bit simpler or more modern that reflects their congregations and their practices and teachings. And since part of the cost comes from how complex the design is, many of our clients opt for simpler styles because they better fit that church’s or temple’s budget.

Did you know that all of our gorgeous religious stained glass is still hand crafted?


We have also created a lot of religious stained glass for home chapels. If you have a chapel or prayer room in your home, adding stained glass gives it that traditional touch.

We have also created religious stained glass for Jewish Temples, LDS Temples, and many other houses of worship. In every case, we do original work based on our clients’ specifications.

Click here to see some of the many pieces of religious stained glass we have created for clients in our two decades in business.

We are also honored to do full restorations of antique religious stained glass that may have been installed more than one hundred years ago in churches across the country. At the turn of the twentieth century, there was a big upswing in popularity for religious stained glass. Many churches across the country added stained glass at that time, which is now considered to be antique. Much of it can be in need of either repair or restoration. With our special restoration and reinstallation techniques for religious stained glass, we can restore the windows to their original beauty and ensure another century or more of longevity.

For more information about our custom designed, hand crafted religious stained glass, we hope you will contact us today at Scottish Stained Glass. We would be honored to earn your business.

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