Stained Glass for Restaurants Adds a Unique Atmosphere

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and thought to yourself “I know I’ve never been here but this place looks familiar?” If so, you might just be right in thinking so. Many restaurants today look almost identical, particularly the chains, but even many mom and pop, independently owned restaurants today have no particular identity from one to the next.

Of course, people come mainly for the food. But they also come for the ambiance, and that has a lot to do with your décor. What does dull décor do to your ambiance? Would it surprise you to hear that adding stained glass to your restaurant, bar, or commercial space could be just what you need in order to stand out from the crowd?

Restaurant stained glass adds a unique atmosphere, gives patrons something to look at and admire, a talking point, something that is a feast for the eyes in the same way you hope your food is a feast for the palate. And the styles and patterns you can incorporate in restaurant stained glass are legion!

Have you considered stained glass for your front door? After all, your entryway is the first impression patrons will have of your restaurant. It should make a classy and unique first impression, telling all your guests that they are in for a treat once they open that door and step inside.


If you have plate glass windows, have you considered stained or leaded glass there? This could add a touch of privacy that diners might appreciate, creating a cozy atmosphere and blocking the most common view of restaurants in this day and age—that of the parking lot. No one wants to look at a parking lot, but you also don’t want to block the natural light. Adding stained glass to your windows—in any combination of colored, clear, or frosted glass—gives your diners something much prettier to admire while letting the light shine through.

If you have a bar, or a skylight, stained glass is perfect to add a jolt of color, a unique touch, a focal point that guests will stop you and ask the history of, time after time. Or how about a stained glass sign with the name of your establishment in it? This can hang anywhere you’d like.

Take a look at some of the restaurant stained glass adding a unique atmosphere to some of our clients eateries right here in our photo gallery. Like what you see? Can you imagine how restaurant stained glass can really take your décor to the next level? Why not give us a call today for a no-charge, “in-restaurant” consultation with one of our commercial stained glass designers?

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