Stained glass for your barn can give it a one of a kind look.

Barn stained glass? Really? In fact, yes! Here at Scottish Stained Glass, in our two plus decades in business we have built stained glass for all kinds of different applications. Some of our customer’s requests really surprise us. They love our unique product and have all kinds of ideas as to where to incorporate it in their homes, offices, and yes, even barns.

Why would you want stained glass in your barn? Well, it’s really perfect for making a barn unique. If your barn is old and well maintained, perhaps even a landmark, an antique style stained glass window will go perfectly with it. If you work or run a business out of a barn, stained glass windows will really take your decor to the next level.

Since all of our work is custom, we are able to design windows for any space. With that in mind, if you live on a farm and would like to customize your barn, you might consider adding stained glass.
Imagine walking into to your barn and seeing beautiful stained glass windows with the sun shining through. Yes, at first barn stained glass is a startling idea. But come on now, admit it: as you are reading this, aren’t you imagining how awesome it could look?


Aren’t you warming up to the idea? Don’t you want at least one stunning piece of custom stained glass in your barn? It could have a barn motif, or flowers, or animals, or just an abstract design. It could be a design that matches the era when your farm was built, or something completely different. It could be bright vivid colors, earth tones, or clear leaded glass.

But whichever kind of design you choose, Scottish Stained Glass has the experience and the expertise to design it and built it for you. If we’ve sold you on the idea of barn stained glass, or if you are way ahead of us and have been considering it for a long time . . . we’d love to schedule a consultation with you. One of our designers will come out to the barn and together, we’ll collaborate on creating the perfect barn stained glass for your tastes, your structure, and even your budget.

Please call Scottish Stained Glass today to schedule your free, in-home (or in barn) consultation. We’d love to earn your business!

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