Stained Glass in the Bathroom? Gorgeous and Practical!

People are always surprised about the many different places that stained glass can make a difference to a home. They usually only consider stained glass to be decorative, an aesthetic choice, and it doesn’t occur to them that it can be a practical choice as well.

One of the most unexpected places where installing custom stained glass could be both aesthetic and practical is the bathroom. In many of today’s housing developments (and many older ones as well), the houses are on very small plots of land, very close together, and sometimes your neighbors can be . . . well . . . a little too close for comfort.

Windows in a bathroom are truly a wonderful thing, letting in light and a feeling of airiness. But if there’s one place you don’t want your neighbors too close, it’s the bathroom. Adding a custom stained glass panel or a frosted or beveled glass panel to your bathroom window might just be the perfect privacy solution you’re looking for.

It makes the windows much more difficult to see through, while still letting the lovely Colorado sun light up the room. It adds a classy, timeless design element as well.

If privacy is not the issue, but décor is, then bathroom stained glass is again a perfect design solution. Many of our clients redecorate around their bathroom stained glass windows, using the window as the focal point. Imagine a stunning, picturesque stained glass bay window beside your tub. By the way, did you know that a custom stained glass design can include both colored and clear glass? You could do a stained glass design that still lets you appreciate any view you have from that bathtub bay window.

Why not? After all, you probably work hard making sure your décor is to your taste and creates a comfortable, beautiful place you love to come home to. Why should the bathroom be any less?

You could match a bathroom stained glass window design and a sliding glass shower door design, for that designer look. One client even replaced the old glass panes in her medicine cabinet with some beveled glass that created magical prisms of light bouncing around her bathroom when the sun shone in.

Because all our bathroom stained glass is custom made to your order, you can choose any color combinations, any style, and any kind of glass. Modern? Traditional? Geometric? Floral? Pastels? Jewel tones? Monochromatic tones? Clear, frosted glass?

What’s your pleasure? What would work the best in your bathroom?

Does your bathroom need a boost in its privacy quotient, or just a boost in style and beauty? Why not set up an appointment with one of our expert stained glass designers today?

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