Stained glass restoration can make your stained glass look like new again.

If you own a stained glass window that has seen better days and could use a little TLC, the restoration experts at Scottish Stained Glass are here to help. When it comes to stained glass restoration, we will not kid you: it can be expensive. In fact, sometimes it can be more expensive than simply commissioning a brand new piece of stained glass, even one with the exact same design.

But by the time a piece of stained glass requires any significant restoration, it might be an antique. And a restored stained glass antique will be much more valuable than a brand new panel.

Glass is an amazing substance, in that it is fragile yet durable. It doesn’t really show much signs of wear and tear by the elements, its color doesn’t generally fade over the years. But the lead strips that hold the glass pieces together are no so lucky. The lead can dry out, become brittle, or even bow and warp from many years of exposure to high winds.

Once the lead strips are damaged, the glass pieces can become loose or even fall out. At this point, stained glass restoration becomes necessary to save the window. The process of restoration would consist of us uninstalling the stained glass window and bringing it to our studio. There, we would disassemble it, cut new lead strips using our special dark leads which will match the antique look, and then reassembling it.


If your stained glass window does have cracked, chipped, or missing pieces of glass, that can make the job even more difficult and more costly. We will do our best to replace the damaged or missing glass with new glass in the exact same color or texture or finish of the original.

A part of our restoration process also includes a thorough cleaning and polishing. There is a reason antiques are so popular. They are frequently made with stunning craftsmanship and attention to detail, using techniques and materials that might not even be available today. When we do a stained glass restoration, we honor the craftsman who built the original piece by our own attention to detail and respect for the piece.

If you have a damaged or worn out looking stained glass window, how do you decide whether to just leave it, have it repaired and restored to its original glory, or simply commission an entirely new stained glass window?

Perhaps we can help you with that difficult decision. Why not give us a call today at Scottish Stained Glass? We have over two decades of experience with custom stained glass and stained glass restoration.

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