Stained Glass Windows an Anniversary Gift

By Megan O’Brien, Scottish Stained Glass Designer

As a designer for Scottish Stained Glass, I have the opportunity to work with clients for unique pieces all the time. Not everyone thinks of designing and purchasing a stained glass window as an anniversary gift, but I have recently been working with a client who has done just that. This particular client wants to celebrate their marriage by having a stained glass window made with their personalized wedding logo in it, which he also designed.

Our Process for Stained Glass Gifts

Custom Stained Glass Panel DenverThis stained glass panel is going to be installed into an antique door that they have refinished to use in their front entryway. Their monogram is of two bees meeting to form a heart with their antennae; however, his design style is very contemporary. He mentioned that he does not like curved cuts or diagonal lines.

With organic shapes such as bees being incorporated into a window, we had to create a background design for the stained glass that both contrasted but complimented them as a focal point. I worked directly with the client throughout the process to ensure that the design on his window fit with his style, and the look he wanted for his home.

The final result for the stained glass background was inspired by Piet Mondrian, one of the client’s favorite artists. To somewhat of my surprise, the simple, linear background surrounding the detailed and organic bees created an interesting composition. The bees really popped out in the design against the rest of the stained glass, creating a dominant and attention-grabbing point of interest.

I find that working on stained glass windows that are truly customized for an individual and their home creates unusual challenges, but also makes the project more exciting and rewarding. During the design process he mentioned how meaningful it will be to walk through this door every day to be reminded of their marriage and commitment to one another, making something as simple as coming home more significant.

Personalized Stained Glass with Scottish

So, for anyone out there looking for a meaningful anniversary gift, or really a gift for any occasion, I would highly recommend a custom piece of stained glass. It is both functional (as it can create privacy and filter light) and a unique piece of art. You can customize your stained glass window with a family crest or monogram and incorporate symbols which have personal meaning to you.

Whatever the design you decide to go with, it will also last you a lifetime. To learn more about getting stained glass in your home, and giving it as a gift, feel free to give us a call or send an email today and get started immediately.


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