Stained glass windows for a brand new look.

If you have been considering upgrading your home with some new decor, adding stained glass can give your home a brand new look. It adds an effortless elegance, a pop of color, a focal point to give any room that “wow” factor.

And stained glass windows can be custom designed in absolutely any style or pattern. You probably know exactly what you like, as far as design goes. Over the past two decades in business, we’ve seen that our Denver customers are proud of their homes, creative, and want to have their homes represent their tastes down to every last detail.

And that is what we believe is so wonderful about custom stained glass windows. They can easily accomplish that task. From Celtic Knot designs to Aspen groves and florals, our stained glass windows are designed to complement your home and show off your style and taste.

Seriously, if you can imagine a stained glass design, or if you’ve seen it somewhere, we can turn your stained glass dream into a reality.


And since every piece of stained glass Scottish builds is custom designed, we can fit any size or shape window, for any room of your home. We can even make hanging panels, which are a fantastic choice if you like to switch up your décor from time to time. With our stained glass panels, you can simply move them from room to room.

With our stained glass windows, don’t be surprised if they turn into conversation starters. This has happened for many of our Denver clients who added stained glass windows in the kitchen. Take a look at our kitchen gallery for some ideas. You will notice that along with adding stained glass kitchen windows, we frequently also do stained glass kitchen cabinet doors, for a completely new look without a major renovation project.

And don’t be surprised if your stained glass windows become a coveted family heirloom, which your relatives might want to pass down from generation to generation, until your new windows are antiques themselves.

We’d love to share our passion for the ancient art of stained glass windows with you, in whatever capacity or application you want. Are you looking for more privacy in a bedroom or bathroom? The addition of stained glass windows will kill two birds with one stone, giving you the privacy you seek and a whole new look for the room. Wait, make that three birds, because stained glass windows actually add value to your home.

In the market for stained glass windows? Please contact us today!

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