The Stained Glass Walls of the Prairiefire Museum in Kansas City

stained glass kansas city museum

In 2014, the Museum at Prairiefire opened its doors with the mission to provide access and information to the public about natural history and science related topics. While the opening of the museum was anticipated for years by locals, the architecture came as surprise to many. The Prairiefire Museum has an exterior that’s hard to look away from. Beautiful stained glass panels line the walls of the museum, bringing awe and joy to its Kansas City visitors.

About the Architects

The firm responsible for the stunning architectural design of the museum is Verner Johnson, a group based out of Boston. The firm has been working on museum architecture since 1965 and has contributed to the development and expansion of many museums, including the Museum of Science in Boston.

The Meaning Behind the Design

The stunning exterior design of the museum is meant to pay tribute to the story of the region. The imagery of the stained glass is symbolic of one of the most unique aspects of Kansas: prairie fire burns. Fires are scientifically important to the continuance of life in prairie lands because they promote the recycling of nutrients into the soil. Prairie Indians used fires as a way to draw game to the land and feed the families of their community.

kansas city museum stained glass

That’s why the firm decided to use prairie fires as their inspiration for the architectural design of the museum. They combined iridescent stained glass panels with dichroic glass create the appearance of immense flames rising up the side of the building. The firm claims that the design of the building “engulfs” its visitors, drawing them in and inviting them to explore the history and magic inside.

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