The Ultimate Bucket List for Stained Glass Lovers

There is definitely a niche for those who are passionate about stained glass. Stained glass is one of the most interesting, oldest mediums that have been used throughout the centuries for portraying beautiful works of art. Stained glass is featured throughout the world showcasing masterpieces that range from biblically inspired to abstract nature pieces. Some of the most noteworthy stained glass pieces are found in different houses of worship throughout the world. Here are the ones we think are part of the ultimate bucket list for any stained glass enthusiast.

Beautiful Stained Glass Masterpieces for Stained Glass Enthusiasts

The Gloucester Cathedral located in the United Kingdom showcases stained glass from five different movements ranging from the 14th century to present day. These movements include the Arts and Crafts, Heraldic, Medieval, Twentieth and Twenty-First, and Victorian. From commemorations of a beloved community composer to intricate biblically inspired stained glass, the Gloucester Cathedral has the most unique variety of stained glass that we recommend seeing in person. The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque located in Iran has extensive stained glass built into its facade. This renowned mosque showcases beautiful traditional Muslim designs throughout its interior that’s complemented with gorgeous custom stained glass features. As the sunlight hits all of the stained glass, it creates a stunning colorful prism effect found throughout the interiors.

An Inspiration for Your Kansas City Church, Home, or Business

Any stained glass enthusiast dreams of having their own unique masterpiece to showcase in their church, home, or business. Whether you see these impressive works of art in person or simply through online photographs, we’d love to collaborate with you to create your very own stunning custom stained glass piece. We’re looking forward to working with you!

For more information regarding our custom stained glass services for your Kansas City property, please contact us!

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