Unique Custom Stained Glass for Homes and Churches

As a designer for Scottish, I always tell people, “Everything Scottish Stained Glass does is custom made.”   Every bathroom window, every entryway, every transom window, in every house is built for that particular client.   This allows our clients to create a one of a kind piece of glasswork that fit their style perfectly, instead of choosing from a pre-made stock, and settling for a design.

Because of the versatility of truly custom stained glass, I’ve worked with many homeowners to create both traditional styles, and unique, stand-out pieces.  Some clients want to create a stained glass family crest to pass through the generations as a token of family history.  Others choose to create a window with a meaningful design to display in their home.  No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you build it with stained glass, setting your home apart from others.

Custom Church Stained Glass

Church Glass at Scottish Stained GlassWhile I work with many homeowners, I also collaborate with many churches to add stained glass to their facilities.  Our church stained glass is also custom, allowing each church to invest in meaningful pieces that will be loved in their churches for many years and generations to come.

In the past couple of years, I would say most of the stained glass windows I have designed were more custom than most, meaning I’ve designed some very unique, and rather untraditional pieces.  A trend seems to be windows that come from memorial donations in churches.  Slowly but surely, each church sanctuary or chapel, is filled with vibrant colors sparkling through each and every window.

Each is often designed, one window at a time, as a family member donates memorial money to create a special statement in memory of their loved one.  It may be that a grandmother loved butterflies, or grandpa loved the Colorado aspens in the fall.   These are stained glass windows that always have that extra custom touch.  These windows are a beautiful and lasting way to remember a person.

Scottish Stained Glass

The possibilities for adding stained glass to your home or church are truly endless.  Give us a call today to learn more about how you can add an incredible work of stained glass art with Scottish Stained Glass expert designers.


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