Unique stained glass designs

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we provide custom stained glass windows, doors, and other items for both residential and commercial use. We are always excited to work with a business creating commercial stained glass that can add a wow factor to their décor. Commercial stained glass can be understated and elegant, it can be bright and bold, it can be modern or antique. Each of our commercial stained glass designs is unique for that particular customer and his or her needs.

For instance, for a bar we might design a brilliantly colored and detailed commercial stained glass backdrop that will show off the beauty of the space. For a high end salon seeking more privacy, we might design elegant leaded and beveled stained glass windows, which let in the light but block the interior from prying eyes. For a shop or restaurant we might design a stained glass front door panel that incorporates the business’ name right into the design. And for a hotel, we might design a big stained glass skylight or drop ceiling in the lobby that makes a huge statement that hotel’s guests will never forget.

So as you can see, there is no one style of commercial stained glass. Our custom designs are all about creating whatever works best in the clients’ space, creating whatever suits their taste, creating whatever will take their business’ décor to the next level. If you would like to look at some of the many commercial stained glass projects we have worked on over the past two decades, click here for our commercial photo gallery. You will find a unique array of stained glass signs, windows, doors, lighting fixtures, and more.


What kind of commercial stained glass might be right in your business?

The first step in our design process is an appointment with one of our design professionals, who will come right to your office. You can discuss ideas, look at photos and samples, and come up with the perfect commercial stained glass that doesn’t just meet your needs, it lights up your whole aesthetic and really suits your personal style.

For more information about custom designed and hand crafted commercial stained glass, why not give us a call today and set up that initial design consultation? Or contact us through our convenient online form. We would love to get to work with you, creating some astonishingly beautiful and unique stained glass windows, doors, or other items.

When you work with Scottish Stained Glass, you are getting the benefit of twenty plus years of experience and over sixty thousand stained glass installations across the country. We would love to earn your business.

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