Why Buy Antique Stained Glass Windows from Scottish Stained Glass?

Usually when people want to install stained glass windows in their home, they contact us about having new ones custom made to their exact specifications. However, there is another option –purchasing antique stained glass.

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to present for sale our collection of antique stained glass windows. Imported from old homes in Scotland, these glorious windows range from around 50 to possibly even 200 years old. To date we have imported more than 1,000 stained glass antique windows of all shapes, sizes and patterns. Some contain beautifully colored glass and many are clear, without color. We are slowly placing these stunning pieces in the homes of customers who hold a great appreciation for antiques of all kinds.

What Makes an Antique Valuable?

According to the U.S. Customs office, “antique” refers to an item that is at least 100 years old. If it’s less than that it might be considered either a collectible item or a vintage item.

Many people are avid antiques collectors who delight in filling their homes with beautiful pieces of great value. Coming from the Latin word “antiquus” (which means simply old), an antique may be desirable for its level of craftsmanship, rarity, personal or family history, or simply its beauty.

Antiques, including those stained glass windows, represent a specific era of history. Frequently an era that had different production methods, different values, and different craftsmanship than we see in similar items today. Many antiques are items that are no longer made today, or have so much detailed hand labor in them that they would be cost prohibitive to produce in today’s world.

Each of these wonderful old window panels has historical value, features unique glass of a kind that is not made today, and was hand-made to exacting specifications by the very craftsman we so admire. Occasionally the pieces we import are in slight disrepair, in which case we lovingly repair and restore them, taking care to match the color and texture of the glass, and keep the antique look.

When you walk into our workroom and see all these glorious pieces of antique art stacked against a wall, you may feel as if you have suddenly stepped into a bygone era. These pieces have a
depth, a solidness and a majesty to them that is hard to explain, and harder still to rip your eyes away from them.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these leaded glass window panels, why not contact us today? We can schedule a visit to our showroom if you live in the vicinity of our Denver offices, or show you photos online if you are not in our area. Again, if you are in the Denver area, we occasionally will auction off one of these beautiful pieces for charity, so please contact us for more details.

The value of an antique will depend on the demand for that item, its condition, and the degree of workmanship in it. Our antique stained glass windows show the same beautiful degree of detail, style and craftsmanship that continues to inform and inspire our original work today.


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