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“Window gifts of love,” was one mother’s idea for her daughter’s first time home purchase.   Carol, the mother, lives in Dallas and her daughter, Laura, was buying her very first home in Denver; a brand new construction town home.

Every single window on all 3 levels of the house needed some sort of window treatment.  A blind or a shutter would make many of the rooms in the home dark and closed off.   But each window in the town home looks straight in to the neighbor’s house, the active street out front, or the bad air conditioner view out the side.

A window treatment of leaded glass on many of these windows, however, allowed Laura to enjoy her windows to the fullest.  Carol gave her daughter a beautiful gift of stained glass windows throughout her new home to provide privacy as well as utilize the many opportunities for natural light.

Adding Stained Glass Completes a Home

It started in Laura’s entryway.  Sidelight windows next to her front door and a transom above, let in light and a feeling of openness.   These windows looked right on to the front walk where many neighbors would pass by each day as they walked to their own front doors.   The powder room had a nice little window to let in natural light and open for fresh air, but it too could be seen when standing near the front door step.

Scottish Stained Glass ColoradoMid way up a beautiful staircase, was a giant window, allowing morning light to stream through Laura’s new house.  Unfortunately, it also looked directly in the neighbor’s kitchen and back patio.   The windows in her master bathroom, were large and bright, and, open to the neighborhood.    Last, a fun decorative octagon window in the master bedroom looked over the top of the neighbors gutters.

A leaded glass window, accented with bevels to sparkle in the sunshine, was carefully designed for each room, based on Laura’s taste, décor and style.   She didn’t lose a single window, and not a moment of natural light.   As a matter of fact, the windows are now artwork in each room, and make the light far more dramatic than any bare window.

Beautiful Stained Glass Gifts

But a mother knows she can’t do a fantastic gift for only one of her children.    So for Christmas this year, her son Layne’s house in Oklahoma City, will be full and sparkle with new light, as the dark blinds go away in the entryway, the master bath, the foyer transom, and the back door. Layne and his wife have completely different taste and style and décor in their home than Laura, and each custom designed piece will be a perfect statement of who they are, as well as the style of their 3 year old home.

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