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English Stained Glass Family Crests are Heirlooms Passed Down from Generation to Generation

Do you, our someone in your family, take pride in your English heritage?  We have decades of experience creating beautiful stained glass family crest.

Understanding the pride and history that comes with a clan crest we have the experience and expertise to produce something that speaks to the heritage of your family. These are amazing and unique gifts for that family member who may already have everything, as wedding presents to commemorate the beginning of a new family, or even as a memorial piece, commemorating a family member who has died.

All clan crests are designed in collaboration with the client. While hundreds of clan crest are widely recognized and with designs that may be easily accessible, hundreds of even thousands of other clan crests have be lost to the ages. We are well equipped to complete the research to find a clan crest that may have been lost to the ages. In some cases we have even go an far at recreating original clan crests to help clients restore a lost piece of their family’s history.

Please see examples to the left. Contact us today and we can develop set up a free design consultation to further discuss your needs for a stained glass crest.

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