Stained Glass Solar Energy

Stained glass is inarguably beautiful, but it can also be eco-friendly. Leaded glass maximizes the opportunity for natural sunlight to engulf a room, eliminating the use of artificial light during the day in certain cases. Our stained glass is also typically installed over existing glass. Not only does this prevent waste, as well as extra energy costs, but it also creates a triple pane window effect, which increases energy efficiency by stopping heat transference.

However, stained glass has recently entered itself into another level within the world of sustainability.  The Holy Family Catholic Church in Saskatoon Canada has begun a project where they are embedding solar cells into the panel of its stained glass window that is to be installed this spring. Solar cells are devices that create electricity by converting the energy from sunlight. This project is extensive, but the product is expected to be well worth it, both aesthetically and ecologically.

Please read the entire article about The Holy Family Catholic Church’s installation at:

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