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Scottish Stained Glass Brings its Stunning Custom Stained Glass to Residents of Garden Ridge TX


Garden Ridge Tx is a fantastic place to live, close to downtown San Antonio and with some really unique natural attractions like the Bat Conservation International’s Bracken Bat Cave. For residents of Garden Ridge, we offer custom stained glass designs for homes, offices, and any other commercial space. This means we create the styles and designs you choose, and the only limits are those of your imagination.


Residential Stained Glass for Any Room in a Garden Ridge Texas Home

We create the stained glass designs our clients want. When we work with a residential client, we show them photos and samples in many different styles. Our designers make sketches, take measurements of the space, and help our clients find the best possible designs and choices of glass for their new stained glass windows and doors. Garden Ridge homeowners love stained glass in their entryways, their bathrooms, their kitchens, and any other room in the house that needs some extra style and elegance, a pop of color, or some more privacy in the windows.

Commercial Stained Glass for Garden Ridge Offices and Other Commercial Spaces

Commercial stained glass is a fantastic way to create instant style appeal in any space. Whereas most of our residential clients prefer colorless leaded stained glass, most of our commercial clients prefer their stained glass to be bright and colorful for the most impact in the room. We can create custom designs including the name or your business, or any other type of pattern. Our custom stained glass adds a high-end and unique look to restaurants, bars and pubs, offices, lobbies, hotels, shops and salons, and many other commercial spaces.


Religious Stained Glass for Garden Ridge Texas Churches and Chapels

We are honored to create custom stained glass windows for the churches, chapels, and cathedrals of Garden Ridge Texas. Many churches today still request the traditional style of religious stained glass that has been popular for centuries. This is stained glass that depicts biblical figures, scenes from the bible, and other religious symbology. Others prefer a more contemporary look. One great example of church stained glass that combines both the traditional religious symbology with a contemporary look is found in the stunning windows of St. Pius X Catholic Church.

Whatever type of religious stained glass you are looking for, we can design it and build it. We have two decades of experience with all types of religious stained glass, for churches of all denominations, temples, and other houses of worship. We do custom designs for home chapels. We also do antique stained glass repair and restoration for churches in Garden Ridge and the surrounding areas.

When it comes to full restoration of older stained glass windows, we suggest our clients contact us as soon as they notice a problem, before the windows deteriorate even further. Ask us how we can help with a fundraising effort to support the cost of a stained glass restoration.


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