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Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows Designed & Built Unlike Any Other

Scottish windows are built from the highest quality materials, to exacting quality standards, by master craftman. Whether you are looking stained or leaded glass to provide privacy to your bathroom or entryway, a beautiful accent to your kitchen, bedroom, or hallway, unique character for your commercial space, or unique and appropriate windows for your religious space, Scottish is here to help.

Custom Stained Glass

20 Years of Custom Glass

Our glass is all custom designed and built in the United States. We create each of our designs to meet the needs of individual clients and craft each pane of glass with specific windows in mind. Our designers walk you through each step of our time tested design process to ensure your complete happiness with the design while our trusted network of installers ensures these amazing windows will beautify your home for decades to come.

Panels, Cabinets & Crests

Panels are preframed pieces of glass that can be secured or hung in front of windows, but easily removed when moving or redecorating.Learn About Stained Glass Panels »

Stained Glass Designs

Designing stained and leaded glass windows comes from the love which we feel for the many aesthetics it can provide. Our designers use their experience to translate your vision into a custom work of art.Learn About About Designs »

Prairie Style Stained Glass

The Prairie Style is the most popular style that many American’s associate with non religious glass designs. We have completed hundreds of Mission, Prairie, and Art Deco windows and would love to build one for you.Learn More About Prairie Glass »

A Proud History

Scottish has been building beautiful windows for over 20 years. Our founder Martin Faith learned the craft in Scotland and brought it’s unique beauty and utility to the United States.Learn More About Scottish »

Featured Blogs

Reviving Art Nouveau: Transforming Wichita Bedrooms with Stained Glass Window Elegance

Reviving Art Nouveau: The Unexplored Potential of Stained Glass Windows in Wichita In the picturesque landscapes of Wichita, the resurgence of Art Nouveau design is bringing with it a renewed interest in one of its most enchanting elements: stained glass windows. These pieces aren’t just windows but portals to a past era, offering both beauty [&hellip

Transform Your Topeka Home’s Entrance with Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Windows

Enhance Your Entryway with Stained Glass Windows in Topeka In Topeka, the entryway of your home is not just a threshold but a statement of style and personal taste. In a city that cherishes unique architectural flair, the addition of Tiffany style leaded stained glass windows can transform your standard entryway into a captivating gateway [&hellip

“Enhancing Kansas City Homes: The Art and Functionality of Stained Glass Windows”

Stained Glass Windows Kansas City – Transform Your Entryway As Kansas City continues to evolve its architectural landscape, one time-honored artisanal element brings both character and light into the modern homes of this vibrant city: Stained Glass Windows Kansas City. Not just pieces of colorful glass set in metal frames, these are transformative works of [&hellip

Antique Stained Glass Windows in Des Moines: Preserving History and Enhancing Modern Homes

Stained Glass Windows Des Moines – A Beacon of History in Your Home Imagine a piece of history that not only enhances the charm of your home but also brings a narrative of artful craftsmanship right into your living space. In the heart of Des Moines, antique stained glass windows stand as the unsung heroes [&hellip

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