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Provo Celtic Stained Glass Window Pair

ProvoSG 1
Provo Clear Stained Glass Leaves

ProvoSG 2
Provo Aspen Stained Glass Leaves

ProvoSG 3
Provo Textured Stained Glass Leaf

ProvoSG 4
Provo Stained Glass Leaf Pair

ProvoSG 5
Provo Aspen Stained Glass Detail

ProvoSG 6
Provo Celtic Stained Glass Transoms

ProvoSG 7
Provo Celtic Stained Glass Transoms

ProvoSG 8
Provo Celtic Stained Glass Transom Windows

ProvoSG 9
Provo Entryway Stained Glass Door

ProvoSG 10
Provo Beveled Stained Glass Entryway

ProvoSG 11
Provo Celtic Entryway Stained Glass Door & Sidelight

ProvoSG 12
Provo Celtic Stained Glass Entryway

ProvoSG 13
Provo Entryway Stained Glass

ProvoSG 14
Provo Celtic Entryway Stained Glass

ProvoSG 15
Provo Bathroom Window Stained Glass

ProvoSG 16
Provo Bathroom Stained Glass Panels

ProvoSG 17
Provo Celtic Stained Glass Windows

ProvoSG 18
Provo Bathroom Stained Glass Window

ProvoSG 19
Provo Bathroom Stained Glass

Provo Bathroom Stained Glass Privacy Windows

Provo Bedroom Beveled & Leaded Glass

ProvoSG 22
Provo Frosted Religious Stained Glass Windows

ProvoSG 23
Provo Bathroom Stained Glass Transom

ProvoSG 24
Provo Religious Stained Glass Window Pair

ProvoSG 25
Provo Bathroom Stained Glass

ProvoSG 26
Provo Stained Glass Bathroom Windows

ProvoSG 27


Stained Glass in Provo

Provo being the third largest city in Utah and is surrounded by beautiful scenery including the Wasatch Range. Scottish Stained Glass is excited to be able to serve this great city with custom designed stained glass.

Each piece of stained glass we create is custom designed, so you know your stained glass window will be as beautiful and unique as the rest of your home. Stained glass can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Areas that stained glass are often installed are entryways, hallways, transom windows, and kitchens.

Adding Stained Glass to Your Provo Home

One of the most common options for installing stained glass is entryways. Entryways are often a dark area in homes that don’t receive much light. Installing clear leaded glass, you can give this area of your home the light that it needs to make it brighter, without giving up your privacy. In addition, this glass can be custom fitted and designed to match the existing décor and make it look like its been there since your home was built.

Hallways often have windows that are designed to let in natural light. However they don’t always have the nicest views. Installing clear leaded glass can give you a beautiful window to enjoy without blocking all of the natural light. This will eliminate the need for curtains or blinds that need to be opened and closed on a daily basis.

If you are new to stained glass, you can be assured that the stained glass process will be smooth and enjoyable. Our professional designers will come directly to your home with various pictures of stained glass to help you decide on a style. Once they have helped narrow it down, with your input they will custom design a window based off your input. This way you can be sure you will be completely satisfied with your design. Once your window is built and installed, you will have a stained glass piece that you will be able to enjoy for years.

If your not sure what style you like, or if you would like to see some of our previous stained glass, take a look around our site. Regardless of which style you choose, you can be confident that the stained glass process will be easy and enjoyable and your stained glass window will be the envied by everyone.

Scottish Stained Glass All Over Utah

Scottish Stained Glass serves more than just Provo. If you live outside of Provo or another neighboring town, we can assist you with custom stained glass as well. If you have questions about stained glass, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experts are always happy to help with your stained glass questions.


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