5 Beautiful Church Stained Glass Windows in Salt Lake City

church stained glass salt lake city

Salt Lake City contains one of the largest religious populations in the country. For this reason, it also boasts some of the most of the most beautiful and diverse religious architecture in the world. Located within these buildings are stunning sculptures, historic artifacts, marvelous paintings, and more. But perhaps one of the most magnificent aspects of Salt Lake City churches are the stained glass windows.

Stained glass has been a part of Salt Lake City’s religious architecture since the late 1800’s. Since then, it has been incorporated into many temples, churches, cathedrals, and other religious sites throughout the city. Though each window is different and features its own unique style and appearance, they are all undeniably beautiful. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Salt Lake City’s most beautiful church stained glass windows to pay tribute to the fantastic art and talent present in the City of the Saints.

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1. Salt Lake City Second Ward Chapel

Salt Lake City Second Ward Chapel

photo credit: The Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake City Second Ward Chapel was constructed in the year 1908 in the Roman Gothic style. It features a beautiful arched stained glass window hand painted with a scene of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

2. Cathedral of the Madeleine

Cathedral of the Madeleine

The Cathedral of the Madeleine was constructed in the year 1909. Its massive stained glass windows were created by the German glass studio Zettler.

3. First Presbyterian Church Salt Lake City

First Presbyterian Church Salt Lake City

The First Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City has some of the most beautiful painted stained glass in the country. The three largest windows were designed by the brothers Robert and Thomas Giles from Minneapolis. In 1906, a powerful storm blew out the windows, after which they were carefully recreated with the addition of three crosses.

4. Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral
Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral

Built in 1874, Saint Mark’s is the second oldest church in Salt Lake City. In 1935, a viscious fire destroyed much of the sanctuary and damaged two of the stained glass windows. Luckily the windows were able to be restored with only minor repairs.

5. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Salt Lake City was constructed in 1925 in the Byzantine style architecture. The parish features several tall vertical stained glass windows rich with beautiful blue and teal colored glass.

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