A Brief Guide on How to Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

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You have likely seen stained glass windows in churches many times over your life. Perhaps you’re a part of a church that has stained glass windows. But have you ever stopped to think about what they mean or symbolize?

In this article we discuss church stained glass common symbols, messages, and colors used in the stained glass windows and what they mean.

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How to Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

Church Stained Glass

Stained glass in churches have been used for over a thousand years now. The earliest use of stained glass windows can be traced back to the 12th century in Europe.

These were often referred to as “Poor Man’s Bible” as many churchgoers during medieval times were illiterate. These beautiful pieces of art served as a way for people to understand the important events of the bible when they were unable to read them from the bible directly.

Stained glass windows are a way to tell a story through the use of bright, brilliant colors and pictures. Each window is artistically unique and provides a visual representation of a story.

Churches are able to not only convey their message through verbal sermons and the written word of the bible, they can make a story come to life through church stained glass art.

Each window is unique, you will not find two like designs in church stained glass Colorado Springs. The images displayed on the windows are representative of some of the most important events in the bible.

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Symbolism Behind the Colors

Stained glass used in churches around the globe use specific colors to depict symbolic events and beliefs. Below is a rundown of the most commonly used colors in stained glass.

-Red is representative of the blood of Christ and serves as a reminder of his suffering. It can also depict strong emotions such as love or hate.

-Blue is for the sky or heaven. This color is also associated with the Virgin Mary and the emotions of hope and sincerity.

-Green is used to depict grass, nature, spring, and new beginnings. Green is also used to represent faith and immortality.

-White is commonly used to represent God, innocence and purity.

-Black is a less commonly seen color in stained glass design as it represents death.

-Purple is often used to depict royalty or God the Father.

-Yellow is symbolic of the gates of heaven, divinity and power.

Each color and design etched into the stained glass tell a story and have a deeper meaning than just a color alone. The artists who designs these works of art do so with an intense understanding of the bible and its symbolism.

Timeless Story Telling

Regardless of whether or not you are a religious person, it is hard to deny the beauty and creativity displayed on stained glass windows. The implementation of glass designs has not only added immense beauty to churches around the world, it has also served as a way to tell stories of the bible by making them come alive.

Next time you pass by a church stained glass Colorado Springs, we hope you take a minute to appreciate its beauty. We also hope that you now have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what those pictures mean.

And if you’re interested in obtaining a stained glass window for your Colorado Springs church, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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