Amazing yet Practical Reasons to Add Stained Glass to Your Colorado Springs Temple or Church

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Stained glass windows are beautiful, to say the least, but did you know that they’re also a very practical feature to have in a church? It’s true, many stained glass windows in Colorado Springs churches, temples, and cathedrals exist for a very real and practical reason.

In fact, the very reason that churches began using stained glass in the first place was for a very practical purpose – to educate their members. At the time when stained glass windows became popular, much of the world’s civilized population was still illiterate. Stained glass became a form of storytelling through which churches could use pictures to explain the stories and teachings in religious texts such as the Bible. Later on, stained glass windows became more and more elaborate and took on a larger role in improving church aesthetics, but their true original purpose was education.

Today, stained glass windows still continue to play an important role in modern churches, and help make churches more comfortable and enjoyable for those that attend them. Below, we’ve described a few practical benefits of adding stained glass to Colorado Springs temples and churches.

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Practical Reasons to Add Stained Glass to your Church

Considering adding stained glass windows to your Colorado Springs church or temple? Here’s a few practical reasons why you should!


Textured and painted glass isn’t just beautiful; it’s also useful. Why? Because it creates privacy. Stained glass windows are harder to see through than ordinary windows. This reduced visibility can offer privacy and comfort for churches and help people feel more at ease.


By creating privacy, stained glass windows also help protect churches from break-ins. After all, robbers are much more likely to break into a building where they can see valuable items through the windows than one where they can’t.


Light is a prevalent theme in many religions. Not only does the sunlight feel good, but it also helps illuminate dark areas. People rely on the light to navigate their way through buildings and through difficult situations in life. By installing stained glass windows in your Colorado Springs church, you can help your building obtain the perfect level of light without creating harsh glare.

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