The World’s Most Beautiful Stained Glass Part 1

Stained Glass is an age old craft the likes of which have spanned centuries, a variety of religions, and numerous continents such as Europe, Africa, North and South America and even some parts of Asia. This tradition started in earnest over 1000 years ago and some of the ancient stained glass still intact today. The physical creation of stained glass is achieved one of two ways: by adding metallic salts to the silica during manufacturing or painting the color on the glass and then fusing it to the glass in a kiln. The colored glass pieces are then arranged to form patterns or pictures, held together by strips of lead in a rigid frame. The foundation for these techniques came about in Medieval Europe and as such, many breathtaking pieces still reside there. Most commonly these pieces are seen in religious or church settings like the glass in La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain The artist, Gaudí, made intelligent use of light and shadows, giving one viewing the work a feeling of ascension and joy.


Pictured below, The Siena Cathedral in Siena, Italy in unquestionably some of the most beautiful and well preserved stained glass from the Gothic era. Brightly colored religious iconography, surrounded by intricate pattern work borders grace the stained glass windows as one of many stunning elements within the cathedral. This intricacy is awe inspiring consider the ancient era in which these windows were built.


The stained Glass in Coventry Cathedral looks like a gateway to heaven itself when gazed upon. Light and color pour through the graphic rectangular window giving the church an almost unearthly glow.


Scottish Stained Glass appreciates the beauty and history of these ancient stained glass windows. Since we work in stained glass restoration, stained glass construction, and stained glass repair, we understand the value of these precious relics. We have restored, repaired and built stained glass in Texas for decades and our passion for all things stained glass shows. If you are looking for stained glass repair, restoration or construction and live in the Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston or San Antonio areas, contact us today for a free consultation. When it comes to stained glass we are Texas’s premier restoration, repair and manufacturing company and you will see the difference experience makes when you work with us.

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