Breathtaking Stained Glass Designs for Fort Collins Churches

At one point in time, stained glass windows were used in churches as a way to share the messages in scripture with people who did not know how to read. At this point in time, a great deal of the world’s population was still illiterate so churches had to figure out a different way of sharing the stories and messages in religious texts. By painting scenes on stained glass windows, they were able to illuminate details that were expressed in text.

While this need no longer exists today, many modern churches in Fort Collins still choose to include stained glass in the architectural design of their building. By doing this, churches are continuing and honoring an age old tradition as well as creating privacy for their members. Stained glass windows make it difficult to see into a church from the outside. Yet unlike curtains and drapes, they provide this privacy without blocking out the sun. So stained glass windows today serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose in Fort Collins churches.

If you belong to a church that is doing some remodeling or opening a church in a new location, you may want to consider looking into adding some stained glass windows to your building. Stained glass can add privacy and utility to your building and give your members something beautiful to enjoy in their church.

Stained Glass Designs for Fort Collins Churches

If you need some ideas for your stained glass design for your Fort Collins church, you should take a look at these examples to get some inspiration.

church stained glass fort collins

A contemporary design like this would make an excellent addition to a church with a modern look and feel.

fort collins church stained glass

This temple stained glass window features beautiful yet subtle designs that allude to nature.

fort collins church stained glass

For a more traditional look, you could always for a painted stained glass window with a design of a cross, portrait, or Biblical scene.

Explore Stained Glass Designs for your Church

Bring the beauty and tradition of stained glass to your Fort Collins church. Call Scottish Stained Glass today to speak to an expert about your ideas.

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