Custom Stained Glass Installation Benefits for Houston Temples and Churches

custom stained glass houston churches

There is perhaps no art form more elegant and appealing than stained glass. For hundreds of years, stained glass has retained its prominence in religious architecture, bring light, radiance, and color to the holy places where it resides. In the light of the sun, it shines like an opalescent gem, and its texture and intricate detail create an aesthetic so fascinating that it’s hard to look away.

Stained glass is not only a beautiful feature for a church to possess, but it’s also traditional. Once used as a way to spread the messages in religious text, stained glass has played a significant role in religious history, and continues to do so today. Many churches, around the world and in Houston, add custom stained glass to their building as a way of honoring tradition.

But their continued inclusion can not be attributed to traditional alone. Stained glass windows serve both a practical and aesthetic role in churches and temples. Below, we’ve discussed some of the benefits of custom stained glass installation for Houston temples and churches.

Three Advantages of Installing Custom Stained Glass

Considering adding custom stained glass to your Houston house of worship? Here are some of the ways your church could benefit.


Worship is a very intimate and private activity. For many, it requires elimination of distractions from the outside world. By installing stained glass, you can create private areas in your church that people can retire to for prayer, meditation, or meetings.


Being able to experience the sunlight, both literally and spiritually, is important for many church goers. Curtains or shades may provide your church with privacy, but will also block out the sun. By opting for stained glass instead, you can keep your church bright and sunny.


Many people remember churches by their stained glass because it’s so unique. For this reason, the identity of the church and the stained glass become one and the same over time. Adding stained glass to your church could help you establish your presence in and connection to your surrounding community.

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