Does the Stained Glass in my Fort Collins Church Need Repair?

fort collins stained glass repair

Stained glass has held prominence in religious architecture around the world for centuries. The oldest surviving stained glass windows are located in Germany and are thought to have been constructed in the early 10th century. Since this early beginning, churches, temples, and cathedrals have continued to incorporate stained glass and the tradition has persisted throughout time.

Stained and leaded glass can be incredibly valuable from an architectural perspective. It filters light, adds color, and creates privacy for areas that need reduced visibility for the sake of comfort, such as prayer rooms, sanctuaries, and even restroom areas.

Due to its unique manner of construction, stained glass is fairly durable. Still, there are conditions that can cause the glass and leading to deteriorate, calling the need for repairs. In this article, we’ll discuss warning signs to look for that can help stained glass owners and churches in Fort Collins spot deterioration early on and determine whether repairs are necessary.

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Signs that Stained Glass Needs to Be Repaired

When stained glass windows start to deteriorate, they are in risk of being unable to maintain their structural integrity. A number of issues can arise from deterioration, such as cracked or missing glass pieces, reduced clarity, and even structural damages that cause safety hazards such as loose bars or putty.

For this reason, it’s important to inspect your stained glass on a regular basis. In most cases, this can be done without the need of assistance by simply standing beneath the windows and looking them over carefully. However, if you see signs of damage, you should contact a professional so the condition of the stained glass can be evaluated.

When conducting your inspection, there are three main components of the stained glass that you should pay particular attention to. These include the glass itself, the frame, and the lead caming.

Glass – It’s extremely uncommon for the glass pieces themselves in a stained glass window to deteriorate, however, it does sometimes happen if the glass is flawed in some manner. More commonly, the glass becomes cloudy or discolored due to oxidation or build up. In this case, the stained glass may or may not require professional cleaning. The paint on glass can also breakdown, and should be repaired when necessary.

Framing – Wood sashes, steel frames, and saddle bars can deteriorate when exposed to heat or moisture. Also, with older or antique stained glass, it’s common for there to be construction flaws in framework. If the steel bars are beginning to separate or the glass is cracking, then a professional should be contacted immediately.

Lead caming – The caming in stained glass refers to the metal strips between glass pieces. A variety of materials can be used for this, but the most common are copper, zinc, and lead, with lead being the strongest. However, lead can lose its shape over time due to exposure to heat or sunlight. This puts pressure on the rest of the window and can cause it to lose shape.

Do you have stained glass that needs to be removed and repaired: Here’s what to expect for the installation process:

Schedule a Professional Inspection

If you suspect that the stained glass in your Fort Collins church may need repair, it’s best to contact a professional immediately. At Scottish, we are always happy to assist churches with matters involving restoration. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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