Does the Stained Glass in my Kansas City Church Need Repair?

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Stained glass windows are designed to be durable, and are, for the most part, fairly sound in terms of structure. When cared for properly, stained glass can last for centuries with the only requirement being minimal maintenance and cleaning. However, it is possible for stained glass to be damaged, due to flaws in the materials or construction or as the result of trauma or vandalism.

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In these cases, repairs are usually recommended, especially if the stained glass has significant value or has been severely damaged. However, great caution should be taken when working with antique stained glass. Antique stained glass is valuable both historically and culturally, and should be handled with care in order to ensure its preservation. Knowing when the stained glass in your Kansas City church needs repairs and what to look for in a professional studio can make a huge difference in regards to extending the life of the glass.

Signs that Your Stained Glass Needs Repair

Stained glass has been part of religious architecture for decades. In earlier times, it was used as a way to educate the illiterate and explain the stories and morals in religious texts. Now, it is used as a way to celebrate religious values through symbolism and is carried on for the purpose of tradition.

However, churches should be conscious of the condition of their stained glass. Changes in color and clarity of the glass are warning signs that the stained glass needs repair, but are not the only indicators. Here’s some signs to look for when conducting your regular inspection:

Deterioration of the glass – Glass generally does not deteriorate, unless it is of very poor quality. However, it can become discolored over time due to the build up of dirt. It can also crack as a result of physical impact or structural issues. While minor cracks may not be very concerning, large cracks should be addressed immediately.

Frame damage – The outer frame of stained glass can sometimes deteriorate as a result of exposure to the elements. Wood sashes rot as a result of moisture and metal frames can corrode for the same reason. Issues with the frame can cause damage to the glass itself as well as the overall structure.

Deterioration of the leading – Leading is the thin pieces of metal that are placed between individual pieces of glass to secure them in place. When exposed to heat, lead expands and contracts, and over time, can become seriously misshapen, putting pressure on the glass or causing pieces to become loose.

If you find that your church does need stained glass repair, this video offers a good explanation for the installation process:

Consult an Expert for Stained Glass Repair for your Kansas City Church

If you believe that your stained glass may be showing signs of deterioration, it’s best to contact a professional right away. Neglecting to make repairs should result in the problem becoming more worse or even lead to safety hazards. A good repair company, like ours, will work with you on ways to problem solve the issues with you’re experiencing with your stained glass and create a plan for the repairs using minimally invasive techniques. If you are interested glass repair for your Kansas City church, please contact our office today.

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